why is situational leadership effective?

Why is situational leadership effective? Let's start with the fact that situational leadership is all about the individual, the leader, you. What makes it so effective is that it's very agile and adaptable to the situation, meaning you change your leadership approach based on the situation you find yourself in. In one moment you can be more hands-on in another your more hands-off you play more the role of a director. You were just of the situation depending on whether a team member is confident or a high performer or simply incompetent.

For example, if you have someone that you newly hired on the team who doesn't have a lot of experience would need to have to be coach be more hands-on to show them how to do it to make sure the work is done correctly. However, if another team member has a ton of experience even more than you and is a high performer, you can go ahead and delegate tasks to that person. So what makes this entire model so effective?

Although it seems like common sense that one would change the leadership approach to the situation you find themselves, that is not always the case and wasn't the case before the 1980s, you see, it was always thought that every leader had to choose a leadership style and stick with it. Leadership styles were either you are autocratic, laissez-faire, servant, or transformational, and so on.

When Should You Use It?

Is there anything wrong with situational leadership? No, not necessarily it is always wise to adapt; however, you have to be a very experienced leader in applying it because there are a lot of leadership styles, and if you don't know what they are, how could you effectively switch different unless applied to them? Of course, you won't know what your leadership style until you are in that situation. You won't know if you had a textbook or watch videos and attended seminars. No matter how much you tell yourself, you won't know what kind of leadership style you will have to be until you're in that situation or role. But if you do become experienced, the best course of action is to take the leadership style you are talented at seriously! Because not everyone, due to their personality, is well suited to many of the leadership styles. And sometimes, your career doesn't require that leadership style, for instance, a laissez-faire approach to leadership doesn't exist if you are a police officer because the job requires a different approach to the problems solved. 

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