why is servant leadership effective?

Why is servant leadership effective? Let's start with the idea that everyone who wants to call themselves a leader and sustain an organization has essentially made a promise. The promise is that you entered into an agreement to support the organization's mission statement and vision. As a leader, you said that you will serve the needs of the organization and the people. As a leader, you are first a servant. Employees eventually become leaders with experience and credentials. Once they do, they learn from the people who led them not to place themselves or their needs first but the needs of the organization and their peers to accomplish the goals required of them. This is a genuinely ethical motivation that is not motivated by tangible incentives, which are liable to corruption or nepotism but a genuine passion for of the work that is being performed and its mission.

This is not idealistic. This is not my attempt to bridge the gap between military leadership and corporate leadership. It is all the same life of service, and private sector professionalism is not different in any way. Business is business,  leadership is leadership, goals are goals and missions are missions. A servant leader displays selfless love, humility, altruism, empowerment, and vision. Selfless love could be interpreted as integrity to doing the right thing. We all have a conscience and all know what the right thing is to do; we just need the discipline to follow through. There is a purpose for leading by example, and it's not just to inspire others;.Leading by example provides insight in understanding the challenges and hardships and limitations that your's employees face.

Look Towards A Bright Future For Those After You!

Someone will have to replace you because you will eventually get promoted or leave the organization you work for whatever reason. It is time for you to take responsibility because you chose to support the organization and have an obligation to the organization to leave it in good standing. You must prepare the next person to replace you. I know it sounds unnatural because we live in a competitive business environment. Still, it is the right thing to do. That person will praise you and will speak good of you, and your reputation will follow you since every action has a reaction and we all know that deep down. 

Do not be shortsighted to think that selfishness will not be remembered and forgotten because it will be remembered. You will not be forgotten, and everyone sees right through you, so you must honestly care about others to build a bond with whoever you lead in a team. Additionally, servant leadership increases your character, organizations rise and fall for various reasons. If everything goes to hell in a hand-basket, you could at least say with confidence that you did your very best. You came out a better person after X amount of years after you stepped into the hiring managers office seeking a job interview in the organization. You know what a good leader is because we have all had bosses we hate so do correct their mistakes in your actions moving forward. You don't have to go to countless seminars and read countless case studies, although that would be good. There is nothing wrong and everything right with vicarious learning. But you know deep inside what the right thing to do was you just have to do it.

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