what is a business executive?

So what is a business executive? The business executive is a professional, someone who is competent and not an amateur in their field. The business executive is someone who, after long years, has accumulated specialized knowledge after long intensive preparation by learning multiple facets of the business they are engaged in.

So let's break down what I mean by the word professional. Someone who is a true professional can control the means of production and distribution of certain kinds of goods and services. Additionally, a professional can negotiate the freedom of external forces and influence the conditions and content of work deliverables. That was a mouthful, so how can we break this down simply.

Basically, a professional can take full control of how a product or service is being produced and delivered and can intervene when necessary to correctly set the conditions and standards of the product or work. Think of a medical professional; usually, they'll have their staff do most of the legwork, but at the end of the day, everything is theirs; it is their practice and their office, and they can intervene whenever they want. After all, they set the standard because they are the subject matter experts. Do you want to know if you have what it takes to become a business executive? Well, I have compiled a list of questions to ask yourself and see if you are a good fit.

How to Become a Business Executive

First, does the field that you want to enter require a broad field of knowledge and skill or expertise gained by formal education and long-term experience at the workplace? As well as need specific certifications and credentials?

Does your field require a certain amount of commitment, and does it have a close community with a sense of loyalty? For instance, doctors have the Hippocratic oath, and lawyers have their bar exams. Additionally, there is a sense of commitment to the professional community and a responsibility to serve the common good to maintain in progress the field. An executive serves to further their field, which is why they usually have graduate-level education to conduct original research. I know that movies often show business executives living lavish lifestyles wearing suits and flying helicopters; however, they don't show that they are usually very studied people who frequently have doctoral degrees.

Does climbing the ladder in that career field require promotion based on competence and expertise rather than just seniority?

And finally, to have a formalized code of ethics and conduct maintained and applied by the professional body oversight? Doctors and lawyers cannot act as they want I did neither can business professionals because they have to depend on their specific field a corporate body over watching them.  Similarly becoming a business executive involves going to school obviously but specifically at least an MBA aka Master of Business Administration.  One of the best MBA programs is at Babson College.The methodology in most of these schools involve hands on learning. So you'll be broken up into small teams and learn how to manage groups of people very effectively. You will not have the opportunity to take risks with money, people, and time notionally in any other business setting. The goal is learn rapid and agile decision making , as well as problem solving skills This is where you get a chance to develop your leadership skills and brand. 

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