Talents of a leader

You came to this page because you want to know the talents of a leader. And that's a fantastic question because it's very different than having leadership attributes and traits, although very similar. After all, abilities are those things in some manner. Many of us believe that talent is inborn, and perhaps there could be an argument for that; however, if it is not cultivated, it don't really mean anything. Some of us have a proclivity or an inclination to specific skill sets due to our unique combination of nature-nurture circumstances.

So let's say you have a way with words, and you are what people say is a good speaker. If you cultivate that, you develop one of the most if not the most crucial leadership talent, which is public speaking. It has been said that public speaking is the talent of the powerful. Could you argue with that? The most prominent people in our society are public speakers or partake of it. Remember celebrities, think a sitting President, Premier, or Prime Minister of a nation, and they will come to mind because of the speeches that they deliver.

I highly recommend you develop your public speaking and presentation skills. Presentation skills is not just putting together a slideshow presentation but also a more ability to teach information using whatever medium you employ to assist you. Whether that be flashcards, props, a whiteboard just about anything. It takes practice to become excellent at public speaking, which is why people make an entire career out of it. Another talent a leader has is the ability to place people where they shine the most. I was told by a good mentor that it is not up to us to decide what we are good at; it is up to other people to tell us what we are good at because we have our own natural biases.

So...What are you good at??

Well? What is it? What have people said to you that you are good at? What do you tell people on your team that they are good at? Once you do that, you need to find out where they fit most like a puzzle piece in the grand scheme of things. To go more in-depth think systems thinking or framework building in which an entrepreneur builds a platform for everyone else to fill in the gaps and perform. 

Another talent is simplicity which is the ability to distill information in the most straightforward way possible. If you ever saw the movie Ex Machina, there is an interaction between two characters where it is illustrated the best. I have included the clip below and BTW Strong Language Warning. Back to the scene..one character is talking to someone in an attempt to show off his intelligence by spouting off jargon to show him that he is privy to this information and capable of understanding more. After all, he was an intern, and he was attempting to show that he is capable of learning more in-depth knowledge. However, the other character told him he wanted a simple answer to a simple question and not to overthink things. Most of us indeed think we need to have the most sophisticated solutions because that's what school taught us for the most part, but the truth is that the best things in life are simple.

Amazon is simple; the problem was that people didn't have a centralized place where they can buy things online and have it shipped to their door. It's not like Amazon has drones at least not yet flying to your door, interacting with you asking you 100 questions about what you want, it's just a click of a button. Remember if you cannot explain it to a three-year-old, do you really understand it? Practice distilling information and practice presenting and then practice placing your team members were they shine the most.

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