Successful leadership vs effective leadership

What is the difference between successful leadership and effective leadership? Let's start off by saying that successful leadership is already coming off as something that comes from a negative place. How so? Well, victory is all-important to a good leader and effective leader; however, the path there is different. Someone asking what is successful leadership  will likely be an novice and someone only interested in results at all costs. If you are familiar with the movie 300, remember the dialogue between Xerxes and the Leonidas night as one Xerxes told him that he would sacrifice gladly even his own men for victory. Leonidas responded; he would gladly die for one of his men.

Teams succeed when they have a unified vision; it doesn't matter how much talent or potential there is for ability. There must be buy-in and shared identity with succeeding. Now, this takes excellent finesse on behalf of you the seem to be an effective leader and subject matter expert and effective leadership*wink wink*.

As an effective leader again was talking about successful leadership versus effective leadership, every team you have requires a diverse set of talents to succeed. Still, they must work on the same agenda. A lot of leaders have blind spots because they believe that if people would just be more like them, they would be successful. I'm not trying to pick on you because I was once like them, but the truth is is that our self-importance gets the best of us. Everyone has something to contribute even if it's something you don't quite understand; you just have to realize that it gets the job done. Look at objective performance metrics and use that as your baseline for decision-making on who you want on your team or develop rather than who rubs you the wrong way.

Okay, so let's finish up talking about successful leadership versus effective leadership. Remember, when I first started off talking about how having a good team is in the end-all and be-all. Well, this because I said that doesn't mean it's not essential because it is still vital to have a star team. But what I mean is that coaching makes all the difference that team needs your coaching and development to achieve victory.

Briefly, I'll go over how to form a connection with your team, because this article would be hollow and just hubris if I didn't explain myself fully. First, yet to connect with yourself, know who you are, and have confidence in yourself because if you believe in who you are and where you want to lead well… Who will? Anyone can smell a fraud a mile away. They may not know what's entirely wrong with you, but deep inside they know that you are selling snake oil and are not a true intellectual and are just a sophist when you simply recite something you read on some leadership pamphlet you picked up at the airport on the way to...wherever. So don't give people cookie cutter complements give them sincere accurate praise spit be specific tell them what they did well and how you think they will continue to do better and how you believe in them.

Accurate praise helps you to know your audience because you know from their feedback you will learn them on a deeper level. Seriously talk to them know about their history asked them about their dreams and their goals, and, most importantly, speak about what they care about, not what you just care about while balancing it out with the organizational mission statement. What helps a lot is being an excellent communicator, meaning go to where they are physical. Respect the other person's cultural background in educational attainment and so forth. To adapt to them, if you know they speak plainly that speak plainly and if you know they have a more nuanced approach, then be patient and listen more than you talk.

Remember everything is about them; it's always about them and not you, your team is what will outlast you they will move on to bigger and greater things thanks to you. And all of this is because you believe in them. After all, you believed that they have something of value to say and something to contribute. You must help them see their own potential and how they can develop to make an All-Star team united in vision and purpose.

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