leadership personality traits

When most of us imagine a leader, we usually believe them to be someone we know most likely someone we work for or answer to. And if you're self-employed well you understand what a boss is because he watched the movies and you've heard the stories from families and friends. In any case, a leader usually has outstanding character or at least the potential for it. They display an unusual amount of empathy for others and show signs of high altruism.

Additionally, they have higher than average discipline in their lives and are driven to succeed in everything they do. And in some cases, they exhibit high humility. I say some cases because many people are in leadership positions who have no business for whatever reason. They have no humility and end up becoming toxic leaders.

Another personality trait for leaders is there professional bearing. They are always dressed professionally and present themselves in the best light to represent themselves and the organization they work for as accurately as possible. Additionally, they rate high in self-confidence and do not need constant praise and attention from others. Again this is also rare because it is common for organizations to have toxic leaders, especially at the higher level where sociopaths tend to linger. And of course, the resilience they have no problem fighting through issues that face them at work and at home. Okay, that last part was a bit of an exaggeration, but they are fighters, and they do their best to keep a positive attitude a glass half full perspective on things.

Next, they usually have higher than average intelligence, or at least work very hard to make the best of whatever mental capacity they have. A hard-working person who has excellent character will always be a far better leader and a smart person who has no interest in developing their character.

So let's get back to the intelligence part. They use their judgment to make wise decisions and see things from a balanced perspective by researching possible solutions to the problems they face. This leads us to innovation; they usually are people who seek to do something and a novel way if necessary. It is only useful to do things in a novel way if it is essential because that is when innovation is called for; however, there is no need to try to be innovative for absently no reason when a simple solution exists. 

Finally, they usually have excellent emotional intelligence and can be tactful when speaking to others so as not to offend or step on the toes of even the person who is freshly hired or an intern. And lastly, they display a high level of expertise in their field because how else will they get there? Everything connects together if you have paid attention this far. And if you made it this now well thanks for reading and I hope you got something out of this if you feel like there's anything I missed, please reach out and I will gladly add additional content!

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