Leadership and effective collaboration

Leadership and effective collaboration are about creating an inner circle. Most people have an inner circle, except they don't do it strategically because we naturally surround ourselves with people who are like us and make us comfortable. Most of us don't wonder how those closest to us will impact our leadership potential. Sometimes you see professional athletes fall from grace because they don't have positive people around them and the same works with entertainers. Self-destruction is something that can be avoided if you strategically apply leadership and effective collaboration. Build a relationship with those you see as significant influences, share your values and vision philosophies of leadership with them, and become a carrier of the vision to other people in the organization. Also, respectfully pick their brain to see if he has questions or objections to what you want to accomplish and see if you can work through it with that person.

Leaders are usually attracted to other leaders like a moth to a flame, but it's essential to bring people in your inner circle who possess strengths in your areas of weakness. Sometimes they might be recruiting and assisted who can anticipate what you need before you realize it! Now that's good followership right there!

Some people are in your inner circle could hold a strategic position in the organization, and you need to be working on the same page even if they are not on your immediate team. You have to think about second and third-order effects if you guys clash that could be a huge problem, and everything can come to a grinding halt. If there is a project manager in the organization that you know is leading a project that somehow has everything to do with yours, reach out to them, and build a lasting relationship with them.

Everyone on your team has to add or multiply value because there is no need to have somebody who does not lift you up who was only half good. These people add value to you to build up your character. I know it sounds selfish, but I was once told by somebody that it is not wrong to use someone; it's wrong to misuse someone. Don't look for a yes man or  woman; you need someone who's a solid supporter and a friend. Someone you can lean on and someone who understands that iron sharpens iron. Of course, a true comrade will celebrate your victories with you, and you will celebrate theirs's but only if they are legitimate and not just epicurean pursuits.

Lastly, make sure that your inner circle positively impacts each other you want to make sure they fit together well; that's not always possible, but you know what I mean... you need to become a good mediator. Everyone knows how to mediate on some level; you don't need a mediation certificate from Mediators Across Borders. Think about the times when you stopped arguments between your friends or introduced them. Maybe you see that one person could improve another or encourage another person. Or perhaps someone has information and wisdom that another doesn't have. Sometimes you can promote friendly competition so that the minds can sharpen one another. Do not think of this as manipulation; instead, think of it as cultivation.

You want to make sure whoever you pick is "eminently qualified" as Jocko Wilink  would put it, meaning they display great maturity and character in many aspects and dimensions. Of course, you have the get to know them pretty well before you can answer those questions. Sometimes you might just have to develop them if they show potential before they're ready to commit to that inner circle. Don't waste your time trying to fix something broken; instead, spend your time fine-tuning. It'll save you a lot of heartache and trouble and time and, of course, most of all, money that organizations hate to spend when trying to make it.

Pro Tip: Don't Waste Time Fine-Tuning!

You can only go so far on your own, so you looked at leadership in effective collaboration, and I applaud you for it. No leaders start off with a start team of the inner circle, but you will gradually build that inner circle as you take on new positions and accumulate life experience. The goal is to hand off as much as you can to other people before you move on to your next endeavor so that way you give them a gift and give yourself the freedom and latitude to pursue what you need to continue next. Remember that if you want to become the best leader you can read, increase your capacity potential, and surround yourself with the best leaders you can find because your potential is determined by those closest to you.