How to support your leader

It's important for you to learn how to support your leader. All of us report to somebody unless we are the CEO, in which case report to stakeholders. To become an effective leader, you need to learn to become effective at followership. First and foremost, don't make your problem someone else's, especially higher up. Take the initiative and attempt to showcase your problem-solving skills by showing that you can try to solve a problem first. One tip I would give to try to think what your most likely response would be if you were your boss. However, sometimes problems are not solvable at your level because you can't make certain decisions to have access to specific resources, in which case you get help. Next, make sure you follow guidelines and directions; if your boss asks you for A, B, and C, make sure you give them A, B, and C, not A, F, and G because you thought it would be a better idea. It's one thing to take the initiative and be creative; it's quite another to not deliver project deliverables.

Becoming a leader is all about developing character. Part of character is selflessness. You will serve at different capacities that benefit an organization from strategic and staff levels. Understand the position the organization needs you to be and how you will develop in ways you may not fully appreciate at the moment. What you want should take the back seat for now and demonstrate that you can develop character and selflessness for the betterment of others.

Understand how leaders make decisions to frame your thinking in their manner. So often an employee is told that they just don't see the big picture. However, employees think that their leaders are out of touch and are unrealistic or just trying to get ahead. However, you are just one move on the chessboard. It shouldn't make you feel cheap or degraded in any way but just have some perspective and understand that sometimes you may have to sacrifice to benefit the organization as a whole which eventually will benefit and if it doesn't benefit you the organization is likely toxic, and you should eventually leave.

When you got promoted at work, there was a certain amount of trust in which you should take that consideration. Take it in stride and enjoy being proud that you trusted. Now you should trust yourself, so go out and lead your decisions with confidence you have everything you need to make good decisions. Take the initiative, make decisions, see your work through, and don't forget to update whoever your bosses just let them know you are making progress.

You should become a problem solver, don't be afraid of developing a system in which things can be done better. Such as a new standard operating procedure well; it doesn't have to be that formal, but you get my point. Little things the two big things, it only takes a slight change in direction for there to be a vast difference in the overall trajectory. Sometimes you might see that things are not being done in the best manner go ahead and fine-tune and show that it works and then show others you have created an innovative way of doing things. You will make life far easier for your organization and finally don't limit anyone when it comes to making decisions. That means give your boss time and space and provide them with information to make a decision. Sometimes we would go ahead and show up to our boss and say something that we need on short notice, but this is sometimes a failure to anticipate or thinking ahead. Because you are in the mind frame of only a follower, but to be an effective follower, you have to think like a leader and anticipate how decisions can affect the overall organization.

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