How to build great leaders

As a leader, you may want to know how to build great leaders to add growth. However, leading followers does add growth to your leadership ability, but if you'd like to multiply your leadership ability, you need to create other leaders. Leaders are not very patient, at least the ones that I know, including myself. Leaders want to move fast. After all, they want to see their vision realized because they get very excited about doing so. Because of that, leaders always feel attention between where they are and where their followers are and where they think they should be. As you develop yourself, you'll undoubtedly experience success on a personal level; however, if you develop a team, the entire organization stands to win and grow finally if you develop other leaders the organization exponentially gross. When you are a leader who attracts followers, it's a great feeling because you are compelling in some manner, influential to others. However, you must understand that only makes you a weak good leader because you only develop the bottom of say 20% of an organization. However, if you want to develop leaders, you will become a great leader, and then you develop the top 20 or even 10% of the personnel and that organization and that involves serious leadership skills training.

Now here is the hard part. People who have leadership potential are not very easy to find because someone with that kind of personality makes things happen; they seize opportunities and attract and rally people around them to perform with excellence. The truth is those traits are just not common. A leader is like a rare gem challenging to find and a solitary creature like a tiger or an eagle. The other problem is that leaders are naturally entrepreneurial; they wanted to do things their way in their direction, so recruiting them is especially tricky because they have their own agenda. Leaders crave excitement and flexibility, whereas an organization as a whole just wants structure, stability, and conformity.

Leadership was hard to retain in the military. I know I was tough to retain in the military. However, I served honorably, and with distinction, I still left not because the organization was something I didn't like. I simply wanted to expand my horizons faster than the organization was willing. Anyways let's get back on track. If you're going to have a remedy to all of these problems, very simple. The only way to lead leaders is to keep growing and stay ahead and competitive of those you want to lead. That's right; it's not enough for you to achieve the certifications, and educational attainment is necessary for your job. You need to completely obliterate the competition and every aspect. If you never asked yourself how to support your leader now is the time because you need to support the organization as a whole especially from the perspective of those at the top. You must add value to those people you want to lead so that those leaders have incentives. And the organization as a whole will love you because you are creating more leaders for the more qualified candidates for their ever-growing requirements and management. Most people will never become great leaders without a mentor, and you can be that mentor, and you should be by adding value and be willing to be loyal in a consistent manner for those you believe have great potential.

If you want to become a great leader yourself, you must develop others; this is a process in which there are no seminars or books you can read to shortcut or circumvent this process. In fact, it can be said that one word for leadership is growth in some instances! You are the leader, and you will only know how you will become when you are in that leadership role. No one can tell you what a great leader is when it comes to you precisely because only you will fit that exact mold; however, generally speaking, a great leader develops their team and creates other leaders. 

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